Corrugated Metal Pipe & Products

Corrugated Metal Pipe is long lasting and provides the strength needed for most projects. It features strength, durability & versatility. It provides durability using a variety of materials: Galvanized Steel, Aluminized Steel, and Polymer-Coated Steel. Corrugated Metal Pipe is typically used for: culverts, storm water detention systems, storm sewers, and small bridges.

  • Galvanized – Zinc coating is applied to each side of the steel coil used to produce corrugated steel pipe (minimum service life of 50 years).
  • Aluminized – Aluminized steel pipe combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. (minimum service life of 75 -100 years).
  • Polymeric – polymer film is laminated over a galvanized coated sheet to create the premier coating available today. (minimum service in excess of 100 years).
  • Structural Plate – For projects that require large pipe, structural plate offers easy and efficient installation. When the pipe size needed surpasses the capabilities of Corrugated Metal Pipe, lightweight pieces of structural plate are assembled to form large, durable pipe. Its uses include: small bridges, underpasses, and stream enclosures.