About Cadillac Culvert

With over 75 years of combined experience, Cadillac Culvert manufactures a full line of corrugated metal products and metal fabrications for a variety of uses from roads, bridges, and water retention to home and commercial construction. We manufacture our products from a variety of steel, according to the current specifications or design, with many different types of steel working machinery and equipment.

Owner - Cadillac Culvert

  • Steel culvert and related items for the construction industry
  • Specialty fabrication for the construction industry
  • Specialty fabrications for the recreation industry

Specific products include: corrugated metal pipes, gauges, and types of corrugation. Annular bandsconcrete products, metal end sections and grates, safety slope end sections, and anti-seep collars just to name a few.

Cadillac Culvert continues to provide excellent quality products to the marketplace at a fair price, and lead the industry in excellent customer service and on time deliveries.

Our Mission

Cadillac Culvert is dedicated to efficiently manufacture, sell and distribute top quality steel drainage products to government agencies, private companies and the general public. We are well known in the marketplace as a top tier company who can solve problems that others cannot. 

       About Cadillac Culvert